Montessori Villa

of The Woodlands

Our Primary Program is based on a 3-year cycle, with the third year serving as the culmination of the preparatory work during the first two years.  This results in exciting leaps in reading, writing and math concepts.  The student brings together practical life and sensorial experiences.

The primary classroom is divided into four categories, Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics.  Other activity areas include, art, music, science and geography.  As mastery of each stage of learning is gained, a healthy self-concept fosters independence and responsibility.   Parents should understand that Montessori school is neither a babysitting service nor a play school that prepares the child for first grade.    Rather, it is a unique cycle of learning designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive period between 2 ½ and 6 years of age.

Our Infant/Toddler Community is for ages 18 months to 3 years.    The prepared environment supports and responds to the young child's physical, emotional, psychological and social needs. We believe that learning occurs when the child is free to explore in an environment rich with possibilities for purposeful work. Our goal is to empower children by providing a place where they can do things for themselves without the immediate help of adults and gain independence, self-confidence, self-reliance and a life-long love of learning.

Montessori Villa  curriculum includes:

Practical Life: Care of self (Personal cleanliness, dressing and undressing one’s self, toileting), Care of the environment, and social graces.

Language: Enrichment of the spoken language, musical and artistic expressions.

Manipulatives: Activities for the development of eye-hand coordination.

Food Preparation:  as an opportunity for language, purposeful movement and social graces.

Movement: Refinement of gross movements.

Founded in 1994, Montessori Villa is a non-denominational, non-discriminatory school that seeks to provide a unique academic curriculum for children from 18 months - 7  years of age.

Located in The Woodlands, Texas., Montessori Villa adheres to the principles of  the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).  AMI was founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori and is the recognized international authority on Montessori education. The  term “AMI” signifies the highest standards anywhere applied to Montessori and is evidence of a continuing commitment on the part of the school to study, explore, and share this method of education as originally established by Dr. Montessori.

The goals of our school are to provide: a strong academic program, a beautifully wooded and spacious environment prepared for the needs of the student and an encouraging atmosphere which promotes a sense of self confidence, independence, inner discipline and a love for learning.

 At Montessori Villa each child progresses through an individualized program consisting of language development, reading, math skills botany, geography, art, music and movement.  

Our classroom is composed of children of mixed age groups.  This allows older children to act as mentors to younger children and the younger children to be inspired by their older classmates.  As the year progresses a community is formed with the older children emerging as its leaders.  Our Montessori School is a non-sectarian, independent and admits children of any race, color and national origin.  We strongly believe that contact with people, ideas, and customs of different cultures makes our children more appreciative and understanding of the world in which we live

About Us


Life at Montessori Villa takes place in much the same way it takes place in any community – students work, play, eat, rest and interact with each other. And like any other community, daily life in the prepared environmentincludes more than work.

There is an emphasis on practical life, those lessons that teach attention and care for one’s self, one’s work, one's environment, the classroom, and others. Time is enjoyed outdoors and children can spend time in book corners. We celebrate many birthdays a year and traditional school work explored through Montessori materials alternates with opportunities for creative pursuits of all kinds.

The class has two musicals/recitals throughout the school year.  We preform a set of holiday music in December and various folks songs for our end of year or graduation recital in May.    

Daily Life at MVW